Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Trip to London Zoo

This is the first creature I encountered as I ventured into the zoo. If I remember correctly It was a lemur, If not it was in very close relation. I really liked this as the way they moved and sat down had a lot of personality to it without needing anything else. You could see the hyper monkeys as well as a select few that were chilled and relaxed. The main one that caught my eye was the leader in my opinion as it was just looking over the entire pack making sure no one was causing to much trouble even though it started playing with the other monkeys soon after. The way it lazed about before hand, has really inspired me for my character to be a monkey of some sort.

I then went on to find the gorillas. This one had a baby holding onto it's stomach and was just generally relaxed. compared to the monkeys before, these gorillas were moving in slow motion and didn't really care about doing anything in the slightest. It was almost like they were opposites in the prim-ape world

Monkeys: hyper, small, fast, lack of attention to anything

Gorilla: mellow, large, slow, paying enormousness attention to everything.

I think I have an idea! Monkey who wants to be a Gorilla!

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