Thursday, 25 November 2010


From what's come into my mind so far, I very much like the idea of Pocahontas Billiams being a monkey but I thought, why not try go through a few others ideas before I hit a conclusion.

I was trying to think how I could merge a few ideas together into one here by having a girl who pretty much acts walks and talks like a gorilla but also has a few tiny characteristics of one, such as the snout like nose and big bushy hair like the character Blanka from street fighter but it didn't really work because it was simply not thought about and to be honest, boring. So I have kinda started to look back at the idea of her being a monkey as it has more options in my opinion.

I have been going through ideas and have tried compiling and creating concept ideas for Pocahontas. I very much like my top idea of her being a monkey that wants to be a gorilla as I have added a fur hat and jacket that will be grey to try and imitate the look and feel of a gorilla, as the colour of a monkey that normally comes into mind is brown. The grey jacket will have silver tape on the back to show she is trying to imitate a silver back gorilla. As well as this, she will have a very calmed look to her as she tries to imitate the gorillas mood and attitude. Just like when you find a person from one culture that sounds like another culture because of them either being around that culture so much or just out of wanting to be like them.

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