Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gorilla poses and features

In the brief, the character I have chosen wants to be a Gorilla. Here I am looking at key features of there anatomy as well as how they could relate to the girl.

I very much like the hunched back view of the top image, as it almost looks human it self. They also have very relaxed eyes with prominent facial features that look quite serious.

The gorillas face already looks like its made from clay in my opinion. It has that very shiny leathery look to it and is also quite disproportionate in places such as the nose and mouth compared to the eyes. I like this look a lot.

The hands are very short, stubby and thick. The thing that comes strait to mind when I look at it is a leather glove. Those really thick gloves that you see men wear at winter time. This could possibly be used towards my characters design but I don't want to create the character completely on what she is wearing but more on her own features.

In terms of there limbs, they appear very elongated and muscle bound but surprisingly human like in nature.

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