Thursday, 4 November 2010


“We would like your students to design and animate some
characters for us for a potential animated advertisement for
London Zoo. We are thinking about using a visual style that
reflects traditional “Claymation” techniques but will be generated
using CG processes. The characters should be worked up from
the following list:”

Pocahontas Billiams – “Willie’s sister, she’s seven
years old but much more relaxed and more knowing than
her sibling. She wants to be a gorilla.”


Research – Internet, books, visits to relevant locations.

Initial ideas – use bits of research to plot some ideas down

Concept drawings – the character/environment

Character design – anything that needs adjusting/adding for the brief

Character colours – what type of pallet are the colours, (dark, earth tones, bright)

Basic model – create from scratch basic poly model from drawings

Watch rig tutorial – learn to rig

Rig – basic rig for posing model

Basic model > higher poly model – adding subdivisions to model for better quality

Watch texture tutorial – learn to texture

Texture – make skin/clothes look fitting, while keeping to the clay style

Pose – put completed character in a fitting pose

Lighting – create a good mood for model to sit in

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