Monday, 10 January 2011


This is my final model after tedious modelling and picking at it, I have a model that I'm happy to say is good enough for texturing and rigging. I just hope that I can give it some justice in those departments.

I was stuck for thought on how I was going to create the fur on the jackets collar as well as try and keep it in the correct theme of the project but once again the duplicate poly tool saved me. I grabbed the polygons around the neck of my character duplicated them and then extruded them upwards. once this was done, I subdivided the object into individual squares with crosses in the middle and pulled that centre vertex out to create a spike. Repeated, this gave me as close to fur as I thought you could get from a clay model. I'. quite proud of it actually :P

To create the jacket, I have just decided to would be best to select using the face tool and duplicate the faces. Once that is done I scaled it and modelled it a bit until it looked about the right shape. I then selected the entire jacked and extruded the faces outwards to get the bomber jacket kind of look that I wanted. When it's smoothed over its just right for what I want, to keep that plasticine/clay kinda look to it.

I tried first to make clothes using this tutorial:
but I have found that since it was made, many things have changed in Maya and due to that, the cloth panel has been replaced by the ncloth, which works a totally different way.

I'm finally happy enough to mirror the geometry across the -x to have a full model and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it. When i first mirrored my image for some reason the poly-mirror was translating across from the tail rather than the mid point but i just changed that in the attribute editor afterwards.

I have also manipulated the face a bit to match my reference image as I don't think i have the time to set-up and get a face rig working.

I have created the detail for my hand now as well and once again I think it has come out pretty decent for the first hand i have ever modelled. The only thing I'm thinking is that when it comes to rigging, the position of the hand may be a problem but I guess I will see.

I created a cube originally for the head and matched vertices, merged objects, merged vertices and then sub-divided for detail to create the face. I have to say I think its come out pretty well and its not to messy either. I think that I'm really starting to enjoy modelling. 

I have to say I like the look of it smoothed over, but still MORE WORK TO GO!

I have now finished the basic model of my character and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with how its looking so far. Now I just need to start putting some detail into certain area's such as the hand and face.

I have corrected my reference image now using guide lines to match up the proportions (Which I should have done in the first place) and I am going to continue modelling. My model isn't to badly out of proportion due to the reference images but now its back in good shape and ready to continue.

I have carried on modelling my character but its come to my attention that my reference images don't match up in size so I have been trying to match up the proportions of two different sized images for a single character.

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